Do you feel this is your time to...

Take Your Organizing Biz Online Now

and do what it takes in these unprecedented times to serve your clients and earn income for your family?

Are you stuck on what to create, what tech to use, and how to sell without feeling awkward?

Perhaps you've considered going online with your business but had no urgency, until now. You feel the stretch financially as your in-home services have stopped due to COVID-19, but even more than that... you've been been craving support & growth for your business in general and are ready for more. You are in the right place and...




Gather together with a group of real, smart, and caring organizers of all ages to grow your professional organizing business.


Women at different stages of business with varying specific plans are coming together with the overarching goal of increasing visibility in order to grow business now.



  • you have been in business for at least 9 months and have worked with 5 or more clients so you have an idea of what kind of work you like to do
  • you are tired of trying to figure stuff out by yourself and you want another organizer to point you along in the right direction
  • you are willing to get out of your box and comfort zone to try something new, such as going LIVE and making direct offers to individuals 
  • you are motivated by learning from and supporting others in their journey
  • you thrive on accountability and support
  • you are coachable and teachable
  • you have a servant's heart to genuinely help your clients
  • you have a website and a business Facebook page that you use proficiently
  • you are an action taker

Introducing the...

PO Strategic Training Membership

Gain clarity on the big things and help with the small things.

This is for women who are driven by doing things together because they believe they get better, faster RESULTS that way.


Picking someone to learn from matters when you want to get specific results. You'll want to choose someone who has the type of results you want to get and the type of community in which you can grow. 

Holly Southerland



Holly has over a decade of experience as an organizer, deep knowledge of business, an innate love for organizing and most importantly, really loves organizers and helping them succeed. Holly is a certified director of operations for small business, so you'll gain a higher level of business knowledge to run a smooth back end of your professional organizing business, which is the secret sauce for making the front end even more successful.

A few results members gained in 2020 working together with Holly:

  • clarity on who exactly they are serving in their business, to stop spinning on 5 different hamster wheels
  • confidence to sell first $2,000 + packages to help clients make even more progress
  • sold first digital decluttering /virtual organizing course
  • launched a masterclass and challenge to generate visibility

And if you're ready to show up, do the work, and eliminate excuses every day, then you will get those results too.


If you're ready to take responsibility for yourself and your business, you have found the right group.


Below are a few notes from VIPs over the course of the last few months about what they are experiencing as part of the group.



Best Mentor I've Had

Holly is the best mentor I've ever had for my business. I've paid much more for programs that didn't deliver anywhere near the value that she did in 3 months. - VIP Client

Gratitude Vibes

I don't mean to sound over emotional but I really want you to know I'm vibing in gratitude for having you in my corner. I made such a point to isolate myself because of my own insecurities and now I know how strong we are when we connect.  I was praying yesterday as I was driving, asking God to bring me clients and can you believe the phone rang and it's a client that has been following me for one year on Facebook and is now ready to downsize from a home she lived in 40 years?! - VIP Client

Bombarded with New Client Inquiries

I have been bombarded by inquiries ever since we did the update to the verbiage on my website. Feels like the floodgates have been opened. So many "do it for me" inquiries and whole homes. I don't think you understand how much I struggled for a WHOLE year, last year, trying to convert people over the phone and getting them to fill out my form and send me pictures felt like pulling teeth. Now I've got people lining up to work with me.  - VIP Client

Membership Features

Here, you are home and free to be you.

No one can do "you" quite like "you do you." Therefore no one can be an organizer quite like you can. You are uniquely qualified to serve and show up for your clients in a way that only you can. 


Do you struggle to know what makes you unique? Do you ever feel like your own biggest stumbling block... if you can see the gold in others but sometimes struggle to see it in yourself... If you know you have greatness in you waiting to come out but you need some help getting your genius out into the world... you are in the right place.


This community is built on candid communication, encouragement, education, and action.


This is created in order to help you attain CLARITY & take ACTION.



    We take action and keep moving forward.


    We have zero space for fake... we get real!


    We value each other's uniqueness and input.

  • FUN

    We love business and we have fun!

It all begins with a 6-week jumpstart intensive to get your own mental, digital, and paper clutter under control.


Then you have the option to be a monthly or quarterly member.


Regardless of your membership level, the two objectives are the same: Attain clarity and take action. 


These objectives happen based on:


1. Training calls based on a monthly topic to LEARN

2. "Work sessions" to get stuff done together and IMPLEMENT what you learn

3. Strategy blitz calls to get unstuck and GROW

4. Online community for SUPPORT


Depending on your membership level, it also includes additional implementation time, mastermind calls to collaborate with one another, and backstage access to Holly's business to see how it all works.



Learn Together

Here you have space to work on your business and not just in it. You gain not only community and accountability, but teaching and training to go along with the theme of each month. Each month is designed around a strategic objective in business as well as how it pertains to professional organizing.


We are a unique industry and must stick together to learn and grow!  Spend time with other organizers working on your business and watch yourself bloom.

Learning Topics Timeline


    Pivot, Be Visible, Then Develop & Sell a Virtual Offer

    Whatever your plan is for launching a virtual organizing business, gain wisdom and trusted insight on how to proceed QUICKLY without wasting time. This is a 6-week bootcamp where quick action will be required. Overcome your fear of visibility and sales by working through practical steps. As a group we will focus weekly training sessions on as-needed content such as developing mini-courses and challenges, though you are welcome to present a unique idea for support as well.

  • JUNE 

    Backend Business Stuff (Operations, Efficiency, Etc)

    Setting up proper accounting systems and lead intake/follow up methods (such as using a CRM like 17 Hats or Dubsado) can be daunting, but these are the two sides of the train track that you need for sustained success. We will do a broad overview of both and give you the first few steps to get these systems set up correctly so your train can keep choo-chooing along.

  • JULY

    Mission, Vision, and Values for Your Personal Brand

    If someone asked you today the top values of your business, what would you say? How you decide now what your business is about will affect the next 2-5 years tremendously. Plan to launch a course? Your MVV will impact the course you take with that (pun intended). ;) We will do a broad overview of all 3 topics and you will receive a mini-workbook to develop these on your own. Implementation and mastermind days will focus on this topic. These take time, sometimes years... this will give you the start you need.


    Give Your Clients an Amazing Experience

    From the time your client hears about you first, to the moment they inquire, to the time you meet, all the way through the organizing sessions and beyond... all matters as part of the client experience. Learn how to create a memorable one and which steps to be sure to include as you develop your process.

We Dream It & We Do It

We love spending time together online, and in person is even better!


Members have the opportunity to join retreats a few times per year.


    Pricing, Packaging and Payment Plans

    Chances are, you've tried a couple models of pricing and are learning by trial and error which works for you. During this training you will receive an overview of 5 types of pricing models and how to decide which one works for you. January is a common time to raise prices, so this will give you plenty of time to plan and implement new plans by 2021.


    Team Growth & Hiring

    Though this is a topic that I dedicate my entire "Team Building Blueprint" to, hiring is something many organizers wonder about doing at some point. Should you hire contractors or employees? When is it time to hire? During this training you receive the basics of hiring and my 12 step process to expand your business through a strategic hiring plan.


    More Backend Business Stuff (Accounting & CRMS)

    Maintaining proper accounting systems and lead intake/follow up methods (such as using a CRM like 17 Hats or Dubsado) can be daunting, but these are the two sides of the train track that you need for sustained success. We will have a session on finding an accountant and/or CPA to help you avoid costly mistakes and then go deeper into the purpose and perks of using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  We will revisit how to update these as your business grows. Keep the train rolling by keeping these maintained well.


    Personal Growth & Professional Development

    In order to continue your growth as an organizer and business owner, you must continually invest in yourself. You will start to see a direct correlation to how much you invest in yourself and how much capacity your business increases... that is, if you are an action taker! This training covers ways to seek out high level business training and put into practice what you are learning. After all, you are worth it!

More About the 6-Week Intensive

During the first six weeks, we will kick off with the theme "Invest in Yourself." 


Some of the best advice I've received is to pick one mentor and stick with them for a spell. Choosing one mentor or group to commit to doesn't mean you won't learn from someone else or pick up ideas to implement that make sense for you. It means you are committing to growth by investing in yourself, just as you are asking others to make an investment in you. During the first few weeks we will focus on getting you and your stuff organized so you can confidently lead others to do the same.


Weeks 1-3: Get Your Own Papers & Digital Files in Order with Holly's "Clutter to Clarity" 21 Day Mini-Intensive.

Many organizers surprisingly struggle with paper organization. This is your opportunity to get a few things in order for yourself and take time to treat yourself as a client.


If your papers are completely in order, work on getting some digital files in order for your business or use this week to observe and take notes on how Holly hosts a challenge and presents an offer to her audience for virtual organizing. We show up to serve others better when we take care of ourselves.


This is a few weeks to get your house in order with the support and ideas of other organizers. You might even use this opportunity as a springboard for hosting a challenge.


Weeks 4-6: Develop and Test, Create & Launch Your Virtual Offer


During the 10-Day PO Go Live! Challenge, we went LIVE on Facebook to engage with our audience and find out what they need right now. It's time to take what we learned and develop it into an offer of help to our clients.


We will dive deep into developing your virtual offer or even clarifying your in-person services offer. Perhaps you want to get clear on how to create a course, offer a virtual organizing service, etc.


We will go into great depth in the group on your particular situation - you simply need to show up, ask questions, be seen and do the work in order to get help with your ideas.


By the end, if you participate with the worksheets and put the coaching into action, overcoming what is holding you back, you will have your offer complete and up for sale.


As a solution to the potential problem that you want to put out a virtual offer NOW rather than the second week of May, you'll get 2 bonus 20-min 1:1 strategy calls when you sign up before the end of the day Tuesday 4/21 (Midnight Eastern Time).





Ready for This Level of Support?


Join One Core Program with...

3 Flexible Pricing Plans

Join for the 6 week intensive to jumpstart your success and continue with monthly or quarterly membership. You can cancel anytime. 



6-Week Intensive

April 21-June 2

Live Weekly Training

Bonus Clutter to Clarity 21-Day Paper & Systems Intensive

Daily Accountability

Digital Worksheets

Private FB Group

Core Member

*opens in May


Monthly Membership

for Ongoing Support

6-Week Intensive + Live Monthly Training

Digital Worksheets

Private FB Group

1 Work Session per Month

(1) 20-min 1:1 Strategy Blitz Session per month with Holly

Team Builders

*opens in June


Quarterly Membership

for Maximum Support

6-Week Intensive + Live Monthly Training with "Green Room" Access

Digital Worksheets

Private FB Group

2 Work Sessions per month

1 Mastermind Call per month for Team Specific Topics

(2) 20 min 1:1 Strategy Blitz Sessions per month with Holly

Voxer Access

Backstage Access to Holly's Challenges to see how it's done + Special Affiliate Opportunities

Frequently asked questions

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